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Fuelling the Second Hand Effect

Our approach to sustainability

As a global company, we take seriously our responsibility to help build a more sustainable society and empower people to make more sustainable choices.

Our local digital marketplaces serve communities around the world, acknowledging what’s special about every culture and every place, and helping local economies grow sustainably. The need for second-hand marketplaces has never been greater.

Our environmental impact

Our business

Our societal

Our online marketplaces empower people to make more sustainable choices in their daily lives. Every day, millions of people around the world buy and sell used items on Adevinta’s marketplaces, thereby choosing to live in a more sustainable way. Our approach to our environmental impact is stated in the group environmental policy. Based on the principles of the UN Global Compact, it includes initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, the use of environmentally friendly technologies and the application of the precautionary approach. Adevinta’s executive leadership team ensures that the content and the spirit of this environmental policy are communicated, understood and acted upon within their operations. Adevinta’s Director of Communications is responsible for monitoring compliance with the policy.

Adevinta is a leading European marketplace group currently covering 16 markets in Europe and Latin America and we believe we can play an important role in society. Our aim is to be a trusted digital partner, creating intuitive and seamless solutions for our users while protecting their data.

Adevinta is a people-first organisation that aims to provide world-class workplaces where all our employees can reach their full potential. People are our most valuable assets, and we rely on highly skilled individuals working together to succeed. Therefore, development of our people and communication with our teams play a key role in value creation at Adevinta. A cornerstone of our strategy is to continue investing in the people and culture at the heart of our business and to ensure we have the right people in the right place at the right time.

20.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions were potentially saved by consumers who chose to buy and sell used items through ten online marketplaces operated by Adevinta and Schibsted, according to the Second Hand Effect 2020 report (SHE) you can download below.

Download the Second Hand Effect report

The Sustainability report examines our performance in terms of environmental impact, with a focus on our role in the circular economy, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and reduction of waste.

It also reviews our business impact under the headings of sustainable investments and ownership, privacy, user safety and fraud protection, fair business practices and sustainability within our supply chain.

Addendum to the 2020 Sustainability Report

Download the Sustainability report

Potential environmental savings in numbers made by online consumers

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