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Taking part in the Second Hand Effect means choosing to live in a sustainable way

Our approach to sustainability

As a global company, we take seriously our responsibility to help build a more sustainable society and empower people to make more sustainable choices.

Our local digital marketplaces serve communities around the world,  acknowledging what’s special about every culture and every place, and helping local economies grow sustainably. The need for second-hand marketplaces has never been greater.

Our sustainability impacts


Every day, millions of people buy and sell used items on Adevinta’s marketplaces around the world. Our platforms fuel the circular economy, reducing waste and supporting the climate.


As a people-first organisation we offer world-class workplaces where employees can reach their full potential. Our marketplaces support local communities and contribute to a sustainable future.


We are a trusted digital partner, creating intuitive and seamless solutions for our users while protecting their data. We follow ethical business practices and prioritise sustainable investments.

The Second Hand Effect

Every day, millions of people buy and sell previously used items on Adevinta’s 30+ online marketplaces. And every time they do, they help to reduce our environmental footprint. Second-hand trade reduces waste, lowers carbon dioxide emissions and preserves precious raw materials. So each time one of our users buys or sells something second-hand, the future of the planet benefits – we call it the “Second Hand Effect.”

Our yearly Second Hand Effect report calculates the amount of raw material and carbon dioxide emissions our users save by buying on our participating marketplaces. Download the latest report to find out how much our users are contributing to a greener planet by reducing, reusing, repairing and recycling.

The Second Hand Effect in action

Sandra Azón, Olympic Silver Medallist Monia Sbouaï, Founder of Super Marché

“Adevinta’s marketplaces are trustworthy and easy to use both for selling and buying”

Sandra Azón, Olympic Silver Medallist

Sandra Azón, who won a silver medal in sailing for Spain at the 2004 Olympics, is a true ambassador of Adevinta’s brands and the circular economy. She sold her motorbike on, bought her family home on habitaclia and uses a second-hand sailboat bought on Milanuncios in her job as Sports Director of a sailing club in Barcelona.

“The idea is to encourage people to buy less, and to buy second-hand”

Monia Sbouaï, Founder of Super Marché

Monia Sbouaï founded Super Marché, a second-hand alternative clothing start-up, to reconcile her desire to give something back to society with her passion for fashion. Her team buys second-hand clothes on leboncoin, then cuts and re-assembles them. The company also employs people “who have had a hard time in life.” It’s called the virtuous economy.