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Sustainability at Adevinta

As a global sustainability leader, we’re committed to making a positive change in the world.

Fuelling the Circular Economy

We all know that humankind is consuming too much, too fast. We need to change the way we consume and move towards circular consumption or a more circular economy.

Circular Economy

Circular consumption means keeping products and materials in continuous use by repairing, reusing and recycling. It’s kinder to the planet than linear consumption – where you buy something new, use it for a short time, then dispose of it.

As one of the largest players in the second-hand marketplace sector, we are uniquely positioned to accelerate the growth of the circular economy.

Adevinta is on the front line of the war against waste, and we are in support of the philosophy: “reduce, reuse, repair, and recycle.”

The Second Hand Effect

Every day, millions of people buy and sell second-hand items on our marketplaces. Every time they do, the world’s environmental footprint reduces. We call this the Second Hand Effect. Discover the positive impact of this trade in our Second Hand Effect 2020 Report.

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Our environmental impact

By fuelling the circular economy, we can help slow down the overconsumption of natural resources and reduce pollution, waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Our approach to environmental impact is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact. It includes initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, the use of environmentally-friendly technologies and applying the precautionary approach.

Our local impact

Enabling sustainable consumption is the cornerstone of Adevinta’s business model. As a leading online marketplace group with brands in 16 countries, we know we have an important role to play in society. Through our trusted brands, we empower local economies and help countless local businesses to thrive.

Our people impact

We recognise that people are the driving force of positive change within our business and in the communities where they live. As a people-first organisation, we aim to provide world-class workplaces where all our employees feel a sense of belonging and are inspired to reach their full potential. We continually invest in the people and culture at the heart of our business. 

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Adevinta Sustainability Report 2020

In 2020, Adevinta focused on many aspects of our sustainability work. In this report, you can read about our performance in three key areas – environmental, business and societal impact. From our role in the circular economy to sustainable investments, community engagement and our work on diversity and inclusion, this report details our sustainability efforts.

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What’s happening at Adevinta

Here’s a round-up of the latest sustainability news, events and initiatives, so you can see the different ways we support positive change.

The Adevinta Spirit

Be the change. It’s what each Adevintan aspires to, and this spirit comes to life in our actions every day. Passionate belief in sustainability has sparked all kinds of inspiring stories.

Adevinta turns 479 photos into 479 trees

Leading up to World Environment Day 2021, Adevinta’s employees organised an internal “challenge” to raise funds for an environmental organisation and draw attention to the current climate crisis. Adevintans were asked to share photos of themselves enjoying nature, sparking a conversation around beautiful yet endangered ecosystems. In line with Adevinta’s key behaviour, “Win together, lose together”, employees gathered 479 photos, and for each of the photos, the company was able to plant a tree for the “Yucatán Restoration Project” by Plant-For-The-Planet – that’s an impressive 479 trees! 

Determined to encourage greener advertising, Austria’s leading online marketplace, willhaben, has created an innovative reward scheme for sustainable marketing campaigns by offering a 50% discount on regular booking prices. The marketplace’s push for “green advertising” is so impressive that it has already been adopted by other Austrian companies. Willhaben also prioritises their employee wellbeing and customer experience, demonstrating an all-round approach to sustainability that is not limited to preserving the environment, but also the health and work-life balance of the people who thrive in it.

“How can we help younger customers earn extra money while embracing a sustainable lifestyle?” This is the question our Hungarian marketplace, Jófogás, set out to answer in 2021. A restructured PR strategy involving the collaboration with micro-influencer Anzselika Habpatron strengthened  Jófogás’s position as a “second hand expert”. Anzselika’s channels showcased second-hand products, where viewers could directly go to the Jófogás website. Anzselika created her profile on Jófogás to sell the objects in her video, supporting target group specific conversion, resulting in around 1400 conversions directly to Jófogás. Thanks to this collaboration, the marketplace has been recently awarded a silver medal in the local Influ2021 Award and two bronze ones in the Content+Marketing Award 2021.

Engaging the next generation of consumers with a sustainability message was at the heart of Subito’s “Sostieni la sostenibilità” (“Sustain Sustainability”) campaign in June 2021. Italian comedian Valerio Lundini helped to deliver a message on the importance of secondhand trade and the development of a circular economic model through a YouTube video, encouraging younger audiences to play a part in sustainable consumption. The campaign was a success, gaining visibility and substantial media coverage right from the start.