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Kufar is the most well known online classifieds site in Belarus, offering extra services like cross country delivery and installment for new and used goods.



5.8 million monthly active users and 115 employees

Kufar was officially launched in Belarus in 2012. The online classifieds site gained popularity very quickly and is currently the most well known online classified site in the country. Today a quarter of Belarusians who have access to the internet visit Kufar every month. Kufar successfully combines the advantages of classifieds and modern e-commerce, offering both brand new and second-hand goods. Since Summer 2018 Kufar has strengthened its presence in the car and real estate businesses by opening two new vertical products – RE.Kufar.by and Auto.Kufar.by. Currently, Kufar also offers additional services to their customers, including delivery across the country, online credit and pay by instalment plans for new and used goods.

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