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The role of the Training & Quality Control Specialist, within the Customer Happiness Center, is to constantly check training needs, plan and deliver content and control the quality of the teams' work, with the specific aim of facilitating work. supporters, our operators, who every day respond to any type of request from private customers.


Main responsibilities

  • Plan the training needs of teams and individuals and the development opportunities of skills, on an annual basis, in collaboration with the Project Leader and the Head of

  • Organize and carry out training interventions, both on the job training, classroom, interventions on the team or on the individual, with in-depth preventive analysis, precision in delivery, constant search for quality content

  • Ensure constant information alignment with the teams, which is useful for private customer management, in terms of:

- technical skills (procedures, software use etc ...)

- soft skills (e.g. communication methods, commercial levers)

- strategy, projects, business initiatives for which the involvement of the teams is advisable

  • Verify the acquisition of skills by providing tests, coaching and other support activities

  • Use a Quality Control Program, creating and managing a skills assessment and certification tool by defining the targets, analyzing the data (eg Tickets) and structuring an output to be shared with the Project Leader and his teams, with the aim of structuring improvement plans adapted to the achievement of the KPI's of excellence of the CHC

Technical skills:

  • Knowledge of public speaking and effective communication techniques, both written and by telephone

  • Knowledge of e-learning platforms

  • Advanced knowledge of Excel and other Office Automation tools

  • Knowledge and use of Project Management tools

  • Knowledge and use of the software used to manage the requests of private customers

  • Knowledge of the Agile methodology

  • Fluent knowledge of written and spoken English


What we are looking for:

  • People Connector: Demonstrates willingness to help their peers and generates a good atmosphere in the team.

  • Agent of Change: Adapts easily and works well in different environments and conditions in spite of some uncertainty

  • Active Listening/ Empathy: Listens to others, confirming understanding, shows appreciation for how others feel and seeks to understand the actions and motivations of others

  • Self Starter: Gets good and consistent results, being joyful and recovering from setbacks

  • Life-Long Learner: Shows hunger for learning (technical skills and soft skills)



  • Full Time employment with flexible hours

  • Flexible working hours and smart working up to 5 days per week

  • € 300 Gift Card for your remote workstation

  • Competitive total remuneration

  • Personal training budget to attend conferences and events

  • Challenging collaboration with global teams

  • International career and growth opportunities

  • Healthcare plan, welfare plan and wellbeing initiatives

  • Ticket restaurant (even if you work remotely)

  • Break with healthy fruits, beverages and coffee (when you work from the office)

  • Relaxing area with ping-pong and foosball, of course…


“Subito is an equal opportunity employer. You are welcome at Subito for who you are, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or what’s your story. Our platform is for everyone, and so is our workplace. We love creating opportunities for others by connecting buyers and sellers  from all over Italy. We believe diversity in all its forms – gender, age, nationality, culture, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation – is a source of creativity and enriches us all. Diversity opens up opportunities for people to express their talent, both individually and collectively, and diversity helps us adapt to a changing world. So bring us your personal experience, your perspectives, and your background”


This announcement is addressed to both sexes, pursuant to laws 903/77 and 125/91, and to persons of all ages and nationalities, in accordance with the legislative decrees 215/03 and 216/03.