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Job Description

Key activities of the People Consultant:

  • Partners with the local markets to provide local legislative/policy knowledge
  • Is responsible for individual case management when it comes to complex employee cases such as long-term sickness
  • Provides local language support for queries, supports with handling local documentation
  • Review dashboards set-up by the People Services Hub with standardised reporting
  • Manages any local, legal or regulatory query management that is unable to be resolved by People Services Tier 1/2.
  • Works with the Employee Relations & Case Management team within People Operations, to provide any local Labour or Works Council considerations for employee relations cases that are being managed within their region or business unit.
  • Works closely together with the People Business Partners to consult on complex employee cases and to partner with the local business and its leaders
  • Drives continuous improvement of the services provided by People Advisory


Key qualifications of the People Consultant:

  • French language is required for this position as you will be based in Paris, France
  • Challenges others to address challenges in new and better ways and develop breakthrough solutions.
  • Leverages new technologies and innovations to improve the effectiveness of the business.
  • Encourages and facilitates the transversality and knowledge sharing across the teams and with other partners.
  • Identifies different sources and opportunities to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills; ensures that specialized knowledge is up-to-date in the project/department.
  • Detects ways to improve the way of working and deliveries in projects and educates team members in adopting an iterative solutioning approach
  • Achieves excellent results in multiple projects showing ambition and trusting in what the department can achieve; identifies and takes advantage of business opportunities and encourages and provides guidelines for the department to recover quickly after setbacks
  • Advocates alternative ideas with colleagues and partners; encourages people in the department to justify their reasoning
  • Notices the need for change, shows an open-minded attitude and influences change in multiple projects focusing on positive consequences
  • Looks for opportunities to interact with people from different cultures, treats team members fairly and impartially, valuing and leveraging each member's strengths in order to achieve great results
  • Ensures the fulfillment of commitments in own work and department/project, showing coherence between own behaviour and demands
  • Asks incisive questions to obtain a deep knowledge of the context, analyzes complex problems, identifies key aspects and provides new and non-standard solutions
  • Takes responsibility for finding solutions to business problems and creating value propositions. Empowers team to find solutions to strategic problems.
  • Guides others on the best practices and approaches for creating clear, concise and organized communication materials to convey technical concepts in a user-friendly and engaging way.
  • Manages progress of projects, making final decisions about priorities, timing and resources.
  • Focuses others on driving continuous improvement and quality outcomes.

Additional Information

6 months short-term contract : June - December 2023

Company Description

We’re Adevinta, a global leader in digital marketplaces that reaches hundreds of millions of people each month through our household name brands across 16 countries. We’re all about matchmaking, and our sites help people find whatever they’re looking for in their local communities – whether it’s a car, an apartment, a sofa or a new job. Every connection made or item found makes a difference by creating a world where people share more and waste less. As a global network of loved local brands, including Marktplaats in the Netherlands, Mobile.de in Germany and Leboncoin in France, our teams are there to make things better, safer and easier for the people who choose to visit and use our marketplaces every month.

We established our Global Headquarters in Barcelona when Adevinta was created in 2019. Here you’ll find most of our Central Functions teams, although we also have people based in our other main hubs in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin as well as in our local offices across the globe. Our local brands are founded on the connections between people, and as an international group we create networks of talented Adevintans who work together towards a common purpose across geographies and disciplines.

People Operations is the one-stop-shop for every Adevintan where all People-related questions are answered through the right channel, with the right expertise and at the right time, providing a meaningful employee experience and enabling every Adevintan to focus on what matters for them and the business. People Operations is an engaging place to work, where all People Operations professionals do what they love and are loved for what they do, where everybody can learn and grow while delivering value-added services in a personal way and steering towards measurable impact.

People Operations is made up out of the People Services Hub and People Advisory. The People Services Hub functions as the first line of contact for employees and line managers. The Hub will manage employee service requests, support administrative and transactional activity and support Business Partners and CoE initiatives. People Consultants within People Advisory will support any complex local employee relations issues or provide specialised local knowledge input as required. People Advisory will also consist of specialised teams that will own Functional HR Systems management, oversight of Employee Relations cases and strategic Reporting & Analytics activity.