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Job Description

Lo que queremos conseguir, juntos/as

En Adevinta Spain trabajamos para que millones de personas encuentren lo que están buscando a través de nuestros seis marketplaces, creando nuevas conexiones que nos ayuden a dejar una huella positiva en el planeta.

Somos Fotocasa, habitaclia, InfoJobs, coches.net, motos.net y Milanuncios. Cada día, 1 de cada 2 personas buscan una nueva oportunidad en alguno de nuestros marketplaces en España. Y la encuentra.

Y para conseguirlo en Adevinta Spain creamos un entorno donde seas tu mejor versión cada día para darlo todo y en el que tu singularidad sume a nuestra diversidad. Diversidad en todos los sentidos, en nuestra gente, nuestros productos y nuestra comunidad. Porque la igualdad está en el centro de todo lo que hacemos. Better as equals.

Creamos el futuro de los marketplaces digitales ayudando a miles de personas a encontrar lo que están buscando. En Adevinta Spain contamos con una comunidad técnica que lo hace posible y que no deja nunca de compartir todo lo que sabe. 


Advertising in Adevinta 


Advertising contributes to the Adevinta revenue by more than 15% and thus supports the core classified business. 

We push Advertising revenues through facing the market with one Adevinta Spain company value proposition and an aligned organisation in Sales and Product. Our Advertising products contribute to the user value and provide best results (performance, branding, …) for our clients.

Purpose of Advertising: Advertising is a revenue driver within Adevinta Spain 

Through Advertising we are able to overperform our revenue and therefore we gain more flexibility with other revenue relevant decisions

Advertising increases the user and client value

Strategy: Advertising focuses on Small/medium companies but serve Large advertisers/agencies as a media outlet

- Development team: The Advertising development team is responsible for the Advertising products development and integration with all the sites.

Company Description

We are looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer for our Advertising team, whose general mission is to develop advertising products and cross components using ReactJs as a Frontend and Kotlin as a Backend.


  • Develop reusable and performed Advertising components with ReactJS and integrate it with all our sites.

  • Develop and maintain microservices with Kotlin, Spring Boot and Domain Driven Design (DDD) using events architecture.

  • Help and contribute to the application’s architecture.

  • Use software processes to ensure code quality.

  • Special focus on performance.

  • Code reviews by PR (pull request)


Bonus Requirements

  • AWS

  • Docker

  • Kotlin

  • REST

  • NPM

  • Git for the console

  • Internationalization

  • TDD

  • Agile Methodologies (Scrum)

  • Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

Additional Information

Still there? We have more to tell you

At Adevinta Spain, we believe in the power of a fair and equitable benefits policy. And we do everything we can to make it so. Therefore, we pay special attention to all aspects that are key in your day-to-day life:

  • We make a flexible schedule available and one day of remote work per week. Currently, we are all working remotely, however, you do have the chance to go to the office where all the hygienic and security measures are in place.

  • Ever since COVID-19 hit, we've all been working remotely following the health recommendations, but the offices are open and you can go in whenever you'd like with all the necessary health measures in place. Now, we are shaping our new post-COVID-19 working model. It will be based on a hybrid formula that will have a significant remote work component.

  • Every year we engage into benchmarking against the external market in order to create competitive compensation packages. Moreover, we do have plans that allow you to "flex your gross salary" in order to purchase benefits such as meal vouchers, commuters card, training and child care.

  • All Adevintans have in common the passion for innovation and technology. You can choose whether to have a Macbook or Dell XPS laptop and you can opt for an Iphone or a Samsung.

  • We subsidize your parking up to a maximum of 90€/ month.

  • Your well-being is our priority. We cover fully for your medical insurance and we allow family members to be added to the policy for a discounted price.

  • We have a doctor in our facilities and we do offer extra wellness initiatives such as Yoga at the office in Madrid and physiotherapy in Barcelona.

  • Do you like going to the gym? We sponsor 70% of the monthly fee of your chosen centre/ studio and we have agreements with both Andjoy and McFit for discounted membership prices. 

  • We enjoy 23 days of paid-time-off a year.

  • In Barcelona offices we offer free breakfast and beverages🥐 You can choose the daily menu freshly prepared in our canteen.