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Company Description

What we want to achieve, together

At Adevinta Spain, we work hard so that millions of people can find what they are looking for through our six marketplaces, building new connections that help us make a positive impact on the planet.

We are Fotocasa, habitaclia, InfoJobs, coches.net, motos.net and Milanuncios. Every day, 1 in 2 people search for a new opportunity in one of our marketplaces in Spain. And they find it.

And to do so, at Adevinta Spain we create an environment where you are your best version of yourself every day, where you can give your all, and where your uniqueness adds to our diversity. Diversity in every sense of the word, in our people, in our products and our community. Because equality is at the heart of everything we do. Better as equals.

Adevinta is so much more than just a workplace. We have obtained the Great Place to Work certificate and 91% of our employees say that Adevinta Spain is an excellent place to work. An international accreditation that shows that we are one of the best companies to work for!

Job Description

Main tasks:
Developing and maintaining a strong customer base
Maintaining effective and regular communications with key customer accounts
Capacity to identify, initiate and close commercial opportunities
Dealing with customer queries and complaints in a professional and commercial manner
Increasing the customer value with new services
Coordinating the communication customer JobisJob team
Working alongside the Sales Manager to guarantee achievement of objectives
Capacity to deliver public presentations on fairs/ conferences


At least 3 years of proven experience in a sales role
Experience in the online sector
Native English and Spanish
Excellent communication and organizational skills
Capacity to work under pressure and with clearly defined objectives
Able to work well within a team but also fully autonomous and with own initiative
Affinity for the technological and web ecosystem
High level of IT literacy- especially of Excel and PowerPoint
Able to travel
Additional skills to be considered:
Experience in the Human Resources area
Marketing knowledge
Strong social media reputation

Additional Information

Still there? We have more to tell you

At Adevinta Spain, we believe in the power of a fair and equitable benefits policy. And we do everything we can to make it so. Therefore, we pay special attention to all aspects that are key in your day-to-day life:

  • Our work model prioritises remote work combined with face-to-face dynamics in the office. We hold a Sales Kick Off twice a year. Once a month, we have a meeting with our manager in person. In addition, one day a week we meet (each sales team) to review activity results and share/learn with our colleagues. This weekly meeting is held face-to-face or remotely, depending on the location of your team (whether all members are located in the same province). To these face-to-face team dynamics we must add the company meetings that we have established for all Adevintans.

  • Furthermore, you have the option of working up to four weeks a year from wherever you'd like. To do this, you must have a good internet connection and be able to follow the team's schedules.

  • Every year we engage in benchmarking against the external market in order to create competitive compensation packages. Moreover, we do have plans that allow you to "flex your gross salary" in order to purchase benefits such as meal vouchers, commuters card, training and child care.

  • We have Apple, Dell and Samsung options to choose the hardware that helps you most in your daily life. Choose between a Macbook Pro or Dell XPS laptop and an iPhone XR or Samsung S9  phone. 

  • Do you travel by car or motorcycle? We subsidize part of the parking cost

  • Your well-being is our priority. We cover fully for your medical insurance and we allow family members to be added to the policy for a discounted price.

  • At the Barcelona office, you can enjoy sessions of 1 hour of physiotherapy 

  • Do you like going to the gym? We sponsor 70% of the monthly fee of your chosen centre/ studio and we have agreements with both Andjoy and McFit for discounted membership prices. 

  • We enjoy 23 days of paid-time-off a year.

  • We offer free breakfast and drinks at our Barcelona office every day of the week. You can also choose to enjoy the freshmade set daily menu in our canteen for an economical price. In Madrid on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays you can enjoy free breakfast.