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Company Description

We’re a world-leading online classifieds business that reaches more than 200 million people each month through our household name brands across 11 countries. We connect buyers with sellers and facilitate transactions, from job offers to real estate, cars, consumer goods and more. Our leading local marketplaces include Leboncoin in France, InfoJobs in Spain, Subito in Italy, Jofogás in Hungary, and Segundamano in Mexico. Our mission is to drive positive sustainable change in the world by helping everyone and everything find a new purpose.

Our brands are supported by global Tech Hubs in Paris and Barcelona. Their goal is to develop common global product and innovation platforms which all of our brands can use. This means using cutting edge technology to create highly scalable, customisable and secure products and components that free up development time and leverage our access to global data.

We’re looking for an experienced engineer to join our data team in Barcelona to help us build modern big data and machine learning platforms. They’ll be used by other data teams for classification, recommenders, image recognition, fraud detection and more; processing Petabytes of data.

Job Description

What you’ll do

  • Work with other teams to understand their current processes and missing opportunities around data engineering and machine learning development and find solutions to cover those needs.

  • Help onboard teams to our platform and services, track their progress and learn from their feedback.

  • Build highly scalable solutions for big data and machine learning on top of a wide spectrum of technologies (like:

    • Cloud providers like AWS, GCP or Azure

    • Containerised applications with Docker and Kubernetes

    • Orchestration tools like Airflow, Kubeflow Pipelines, Argo Workflows

    • Computation frameworks like Hadoop, Apache Spark

    • Programming languages like Python, Go or Rust

    • Scripting languages like Bash

    • Source Control Management with Git and GitHub

    • GitOps experience is highly desired

    • Machine Learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch or Spark ML

    • Continuous integration and continuous development tools (CI/CD) like Jenkins, Travis, Concourse, Tekton, Flux or Argo CD)

  • Monitor and automate  the operations and production of large-scale distributed systems alongside interdisciplinary.


Who you are

  • You have a BSc (or equivalent) degree in Computer Science

  • Experience with cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure)

  • Strong analytical / problem solving skills

  • Strong UNIX background

  • The ability to write scripts to diagnose problems (Python or similar)

  • Proven ability and experience developing computer programs (Golang, Java, Python, Ruby or similar)

  • Experience in building systems that scale

  • Experience with modern engineering tools for CI/CD

Additional Information

What you’ll get from us:

  • Flexible benefits programme (transport, restaurants, child-care, etc)

  • 26 days of holidays

  • Competitive compensation package

  • A unique position in an international and dynamic environment

  • Opportunity to shape the way we work. Your feedback and opinions are valued at all levels of the organisation

  • The chance to be a key player in a growing, highly skilled team

  • Great colleagues and a healthy working environment

  • Benefits including private health insurance, stock purchase plan and bonus

  • Flexibility to work when and how you want - flexible hours, choose your phone and computer

  • Career development, including individual training budget and language classes