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Job Description

Adevinta Data Engineers are focused on working at the World Number One classified ads site Data Warehouse implementation for purposes of ingesting data for analytics. A Data Engineer is responsible for the design and implementation of data pipelines, data pumps on a range of Big Data technologies. Data models from these pipelines will boost the decision making on daily basis of business groups across the company. 

A successful candidate will contribute both the management support and satisfy the hunger for data accross whole Adevinta.


This is what you’ll be working on with us:

  • Playing a central role in a forming team to create easy ways of data access and ingest it into the data store in a reliable way.
  • Developing, Deploying and Operating  dockerized data applications in AWS cloud-based environment.
  • Monitor data services (e.g. Redshift) and ensure excellent data quality.
  • Understand the business’s data requirements and participate in defining data measurement points and methods.
  • Contribute to the development of data pipelines (Spark, Kafka) and designing ETL processes.
  • Supporting BI team with proper data.

Company Description

What is expected of you?

  • You have experience in working with data on cloud platform, or you have some experience with Spark, Kafka or other data processing technologies.
  • Understand how dockerized applications works and how run them in Kubernetes.
  • Active communication in written and spoken English.
  • Debugging skills to address issues in data pipelines.
  • Strong willingness for continuous learning for new technologies and data.

You have an advantage if:

  • Have some experience with Python or Scala.
  • You have experience in designing and scaling cloud-based databases.
  • You have a certificate of higher education.
  • You have experience with Redshift.
  • You are familiar with Unix commands and Git.
  • You have experience with Argo CD and/or Travis. 
  • You have experience with Kafka and/or Spark.
  • You have experience with Tealium, or other tag management systems.

Additional Information

What we offer:

  • The package includes salary, annual bonus, non-monetary benefits and lots of fringe benefits.
  • Other opportunities within our loyalty program: All You Can Move Card, English/Hungarian language training and participation in trainings, conferences and workshops.
  • With our Travel Grant program, you can apply to visit one of 15 Adevinta countries for up to several weeks.
  • What we always have in the office: fruit, coffee, tea, cola, Play Station, Nintendo Switch, ping-pong, table football, darts, bean-bags.
  • Lots of programmes, social responsibility, thematic months, cake days, 3-day team building event, to boost our spirits during the work week.
  • Our team is professional, youthful, energetic and diverse, and we are sure you will find your place, as we are interested in many things.
  • We do not have overtime, after work focus on yourself and relax.
  • You can expect a well-developed training process, and you will receive continuous feedback on your work.
  • We are dog friendly, bring your pet, or play with your colleagues’ pets.
  • You can join our football team or our fan club or our wine club.

If you would like to work with us, you are welcome to apply!