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Job Description

What we want to achieve, together

At Adevinta Spain, we work hard so that millions of people can find what they are looking for through our six marketplaces, building new connections that help us make a positive impact on the planet.

We are Fotocasa, habitaclia, InfoJobs, coches.net, motos.net and Milanuncios. Every day, 1 in 2 people search for a new opportunity in one of our marketplaces in Spain. And they find it.

And to do so, at Adevinta Spain we create an environment where you are your best version of yourself every day, where you can give your all, and where your uniqueness adds to our diversity. Diversity in every sense of the word, in our people, in our products, and our community. Because equality is at the heart of everything we do. Better as equals.

We create the future of digital marketplaces by helping thousands of people find what they are looking for. At Adevinta Spain, we have a technical community that makes this possible and that is continuously sharing everything it knows.

You can also follow our blog with technical content: https://dev.to/adevintaspain

On our YouTube channel (Adevinta Spain Engineers), you can find all our talks divided up by domain:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCImede_bms8k9kEWc-kNVSA


Our role is to provide the sales teams with the data product information needed for proactive decision making to achieve competitive advantage over our competitors in the market.

Work in the Customer Intelligence team understanding the needs of the sales and analytics teams and providing solutions to solve them.

Analyze and develop end-to-end data capture, transformation and visualization solutions, ensuring data quality and data governance standards.

Alignment with Data Platform core teams. 

Develop real-time event consumption and batch processing solutions.

Company Description

1. Agile Engineering: Deploys agile engineering best practices as appropriate throughout the software development lifecycle

- Applying: Is able to choose appropriate agile development techniques and teaches others to apply them. Is current on industry trends and agile development techniques.

2. Data Analysis: Collects, analyzes and interprets data to reach conclusions and/or present insights and findings

-Applying: Uses advanced models and analysis tools to analyze and understand data sets.

3. Metrics creation: Develops, implements, and monitors key performance indicators and metrics.

- Applying: Create key performance indicators; use dashboards to track team performance and recommend improvements.

4. Systems Thinking: Thinks holistically to identify opportunities around policies/ processes to increase efficiency across organizational boundaries

- Applying: It takes a whole systems approach to analyzing problems and implements holistic solutions by ensuring that links are made between structure, people, processes and technology.

5. Technology Advising/Consulting: Translates business needs into enterprise/IT  solutions; partnering with the business by guiding management on future uses of technology and educates on IT solutions and initiatives.

- Applying: Ensures that proposals for improvements are duly taken into account and that technical issues are resolved in a timely manner.

6. Resource Planning & Optimization: Plans and optimizes resources within teams in order to maximize results and achieve desired performance.

- Applying: Develops action plans for optimal resource utilization and manages the use of financial/material resources in the team.  

Additional Information

LANGUAGES SKILLS : Spanish fluent and English intermediate 


Knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) at expert level.

We need a professional capable of covering the entire data cycle, from its collection and transformation to its analysis and visualization.

Mindset oriented to Agile, DevOps and Lean Thinking.

Experience with ETL tools (PDI) and processes, and BI visualization/dashboard solutions (Tableau, Qlik).

Good development practices (SOLID, testing) and data care (rigor for data quality).

Knowledge with Python and/or Scala, or some object-oriented language.

Knowledge of AWS, in particular S3 and Redshift.

Nice to have:

Database skills (Oracle, SQL, MySQL, etc.).

Knowledge of data models for Data Warehouse.

Valuable knowledge of Kafka, Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark. 

Knowledge of machine learning techniques for supervised and unsupervised classification and forecast/time series use cases.