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Job Description

What we want to achieve, together

At Adevinta Spain, we work hard so that millions of people can find what they are looking for through our six marketplaces, building new connections that help us make a positive impact on the planet.

We are Fotocasa, habitaclia, InfoJobs, coches.net, motos.net and Milanuncios. Every day, 1 in 2 people search for a new opportunity in one of our marketplaces in Spain. And they find it.

And to do so, at Adevinta Spain we create an environment where you are your best version of yourself every day, where you can give your all, and where your uniqueness adds to our diversity. Diversity in every sense of the word, in our people, in our products and our community. Because equality is at the heart of everything we do. Better as equals.

We create the future of digital marketplaces by helping thousands of people find what they are looking for. At Adevinta Spain, we have a technical community that makes this possible and that is continuously sharing everything it knows.


Do you want to accelerate sales teams and customers from Coches.net, Motos.net, Milanuncios, Infojobs, Fotocasa and Habitaclia? If this sounds tempting, imagine working with expert colleagues developing new features and requests for Dynamics 365, and many other amazing things!

Your main responsibilities will be:

Design and development

  • You will have to know in depth the technologies available in the market to provide an updated, efficient, safe and adapted service to the needs of the company.

  • You will work hand to hand with the engineering teams analyzing, designing and implementing the necessary solutions to bring us to the ideal solution.

  • Understand and comprehend the real needs of the business to ensure the developments and guarantee the resolution for the requests from our users.

  • You must have a complete vision of the systems and tools involved in the technological solutions necessary for the development of the platform.


  • You will participate in the definition and execution of the CRM strategy, identifying and offering solutions to all the proposed needs, both present and future, guaranteeing the methodologies, training, platforms, support...

  • Promote in the CRM teams the best practices for the development and programming of the proposed solutions. Promote continuous improvement as the basis for the growth of Adevinta's professionals.

  • Help to define good practices in the use of the Dynamics platform as well as the processes that are executed in it.

Coordination and evolution

  • Ensure alignment with all CRM teams, promoting interactions and teamwork.

  • To be the image of CRM & Information Systems in the community of Adevinta, promoting collaboration between the different organizations of the company.

  • Share experiences and learning, successes and failures to take advantage of them in the different teams of the company.


Company Description

  • 5 years experience in CRM Dynamics (Any version).
  • 2 years experience in CRM Dynamics 365 (Last version).

  • Customization / Configuration

    • Declarative Workflows

    • Permissions

    • Business rules

  • Product extension

    • Code Activities

    • Plugins

    • Javascript

    • Flow

  • Working methodologies

    • GIT control versions

      • GitHub

      • Pull Request

    • Agile Methodologies

      • Scrum

      • Jira

  • C# Development

    • Good practices

    • Unit test with Fake Xrm Easy


  • Product extension

    • Frontend TypeScript, React or Angular

    • PowerApps

  • Deployment

    • CRM managed solutions

    • Continuous Integration with Azure DevOps

  • Best practices

    • Clean code  

    • Unit Test with xUnit

    • Integration Test

    • UI Test

To be considered: 

  • Experience with Unified Service Desk (USD)

  • Experience with Call Center Integrations (CTI)

  • Experience with Azure

    • App Services: API Rest Implementation with CRM integration.

    • Azure Functions

    • Service Bus

    • Key Vaults

Additional Information

Still there? We have more to tell you

At Adevinta Spain, we believe in the power of a fair and equitable benefits policy. And we do everything we can to make it so. Therefore, we pay special attention to all aspects that are key in your day-to-day life:

  • We make a flexible schedule available and one day of remote work per week. Currently, we are all working remotely, however, you do have the chance to go to the office where all the hygienic and security measures are in place.

  • Every year we engage into benchmarking against the external market in order to create competitive compensations packages. Moreover, we do have plans that allow you to "flex your gross salary" in order to purchase benefits such as meal vouchers, commuters card, training and child care.

  • All Adevintans have in common the passion for innovation and technology. You can choose whether to have a Macbook or Dell XPS laptop and you can opt for an Iphone or a Samsung.

  • We subsidize your parking up to a maximum of 90€/ month.

  • Your well-being is our priority. We cover fully for your medical insurance and we allow family members to be added to the policy for a discounted price.

  • We have a doctor in our facilities and we do offer extra wellness initiatives such as Yoga at the office in Madrid and physiotherapy in Barcelona.

  • Do you like going to the gym? We sponsor 70% of the monthly fee of your chosen centre/ studio and we have agreements with both Andjoy and McFit for discounted membership prices. 

  • We enjoy 23 days of paid-time-off a year.

  • In Barcelona offices we offer free breakfast and beverages🥐 You can choose the daily menu freshly prepared in our canteen.

  • Last but not least, you have 5 extra days to attend conferences and we offer one entrance ticket per year.