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Job Description

What we want to achieve, together

At Adevinta Spain, we work hard so that millions of people can find what they are looking for through our six marketplaces, building new connections that help us make a positive impact on the planet.

We are Fotocasa, habitaclia, InfoJobs, coches.net, motos.net and Milanuncios. Every day, 1 in 2 people search for a new opportunity in one of our marketplaces in Spain. And they find it.

And to do so, at Adevinta Spain we create an environment where you are your best version of yourself every day, where you can give your all, and where your uniqueness adds to our diversity. Diversity in every sense of the word, in our people, in our products and our community. Because equality is at the heart of everything we do. Better as equals.


Teams Mission: 

Make knowledge of the professional market (client and prospects) a competitive advantage for the development of channels and consolidate Adevinta as a leader in the marketplaces in which we operate.

Position Mission: 

You  will lead  the Data Team who provide the sales teams with the data product information needed and apply modern data science methods for proactive decision making to achieve competitive advantage over our competitors in the market working closely with the Customer Intelligence Product Owners.

Position Main Responsibilities: 

  • You will report to the Data Cross Director and with a dotted line to the Head of Customer Intelligence. 

  • Drive deep Customer analytics that lead to strategic decision making and actionable insights.

  • You will work in the Customer Intelligence team understanding the needs of the sales and providing data solutions to solve them, and helping implement the analytics and data use cases that we define in CI in line with the company's strategy.

  • Support the team to analyze and develop end-to-end data capture, transformation,  visualization solutions and ML models, ensuring data quality and data governance standards.

  • Ensure the company’s data is centralized into a single data Platform and modeled to support data analysis requirements from the Sales Department.

  • Align with Data Platform core teams.

  • To help Data Analyst and Data engineers  with their career development to achieve their maximum potential as fast as possible, while keeping their contribution at the highest level.

  • You will act as a Servant Leader helping teams be self-sufficient (solving conflicts, managing dependencies, achieving business goals, improving continuously, increasing performance, etc.)

  • Responsible for the people of the assigned function (attract, selection, development, assessment  retrain,. ..)

  • Empower Data Analysts and Data Engineers to join you in implementing the data strategy

  • You will work closely with the rest of the POs of the CI verticals and cross-sectional areas.

  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships with key business stakeholders.

  • Communicate results in a clear and concise manner, with an understanding of data visualization and the importance of drawing accurate conclusions from multiple data sources.

Company Description

Position Specific Competencies: 

  • Articulate the Vision: Communicates the vision of the future of the department and describes how the department supports the vision of the company.
  • Lead People: Offers guidelines and resources to enable that each person can accomplish the work effectively; leads or offers support in the most difficult work are.
  • Manage People: Hires the right people, motivates the team, and finds development opportunities for them.
  • Data analysis: Selects appropriate analytical models and tools to analyze data sets, develop business recommendations and support decision-making.

Additional Information

  • Extensive experience with SQL
  • Experience with ETL tools (PDI) and processes and familiarity developing data pipelines with scheduling tools like: Airflow, Luigi, Cloud Componer, Argo.

  • Experience in BI visualization/dashboard solutions (Tableau, Qlik).

  • Extensive experience with Python.

  • Experience working with data processing frameworks like Spark, Flink, Kafka Streams or Beam.

  • Querying tools: Hive, Athena, Presto, BigQuery

  • Demonstrable experience in the construction of predictive models, using machine learning techniques for supervised and unsupervised classification, forecast/time series use cases, NLP, geoanalytics,...; and Machine learning tools: scikit-learn, Spark ML, Kubeflow, MLflow, sagemaker,…

  • Experience in implementing use cases that have generated business impact.

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to interact with multidisciplinary teams

  • Ability to convey complex technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences. 

Nice to have : 

  • 3  years experience in a similar position

  • Experience with streaming processing tools like Kafka / Kinesis, Structured Streaming, Akka Streams,  Flink, Spark Streaming...

  • Experience with Docker and container orchestration tools like Kubernetes, ECS, Docker Swarm.

  • Knowledge of Git

  • Experience working with some Hadoop distribution: EMR, Azure HDInsight, Databricks, Hortonworks, Cloudera, Google Cloud Dataproc

  • Familiarity working with AWS, in particular S3 and Redshift.

  • Ideally expertise  on  digital tracking technologies (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics, GTM, Tealium, etc.)