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Job Description

We’re Adevinta, a global leader in digital marketplaces. Our household name brands, including marktplaats in the Netherlands, Mobile.de in Germany and leboncoin in France, reach hundreds of millions of people every month across 16 countries. 

We’re all about matchmaking, and our sites help people find whatever they’re looking for in their local communities – whether it’s a car, an apartment, a sofa or a new job. Every connection made or item found makes a difference by creating a world where people share more and waste less.

Our brands are supported by Central Teams based in our main Hub in Barcelona and our other global Hubs in Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin. Our local brands are founded on the connections between people, and as an international group we create networks of talented Adevintans who work together towards a common purpose across geographies and disciplines.

Adevinta’s Central Product & Tech teams lead development of components, services and technology used by Adevinta's marketplaces around the world. Currently we employ more than 250 talented specialists within the areas of software engineering, product management, UX and big data.

Given the reach of our marketplaces, our components must provide massive scale, high availability and perfect user experiences. We achieve this with an Agile approach where we leverage freedom of technology, experimentation, user research and a fail-fast mindset. The Agile team’s mission is to help embed this mindset, foster a culture of continuous improvement and drive technical convergence within our central P&T teams.


As an Agile Coach, you would provide coaching at the tribe level to our Barcelona-based central P&T teams and also collaborate remotely with teams in Paris. Some of those teams are fully co-located and others have distributed team members alongside our offices. 

As part of the Agile Coaches community, you would be able to take advantage of having peers to share, discuss and pair with.


  • Improve teams’ performance and deliver value and happiness by coaching employees at all levels for one of our central P&T tribes (including senior engineers, product and engineering managers) on Agile.
  • Increase teams’ predictability while helping them maintain a sustainable delivery cadence and raise the bar for code quality.
  • Align the Product & Tech tribe’s goals with the needs of our marketplaces, cascading top-down objectives to the teams and helping to raise bottom-up initiatives.
  • Support the management team (at all layers) to foster an Agile culture and embed best practices.
  • Provide training sessions and teach valuable skills that will lead towards organisation-wide adoption of an Agile culture.

Company Description

  • Minimum two years’ experience as Agile Coach.
  • Deep knowledge of Agile principles and their different best practices and frameworks.
  • Proven experience implementing Scrum (as Scrum Master) and/or Kanban.
  • Experience with Management 3.0, XP and/or Lean.  
  • Previous experience working with software development teams in tech companies.
  • Good levels of communication, coaching and training skills.
  • Previous experience in Technical Project Management or Product Management would be advantageous.
  • Knowledge of collaboration tools such as Jira, Confluence or Github (or their equivalents) are nice to have. 
  • A high level of English is a must.

Additional Information

Adevinta is an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability status. If any of the above ticks your boxes, then why not Apply Now to find out more