Shareholder analysis:

Adevinta conducts a quarterly analysis of shareholders registered at nominee accounts. This list is the outcome of this analysis and gives a richer picture of Adevinta’s underlying shareholders than what is the case of the VPS register. Updated as of 31 May 2019.

1Schibsted ASA200,102,292203,477,833403,580,12559.3 %
2Blommenholm Industrier AS28,188,58925,337,54953,526,1387.9 %
3Fidelity Management & Research Company7,462,12712,461,07119,923,1982.9 %
4Folketrygdfondet6,976,19012,688,69419,664,8842.9 %
5Baillie Gifford & Co.6,923,0184,616,61811,539,6361.7 %
6Adelphi Capital LLP2,527,6197,214,3849,742,0031.4 %
7York Capital Management L P.08,473,5098,473,5091.2 %
8The Vanguard Group, Inc.3,126,9893,699,0916,826,0801.0 %
9JPMorgan Chase Bank GTS CL A/C Escrow Account2,671,4144,095,4816,766,8951.0 %
10Goldman Sachs International1,469,5144,961,3086,430,8220.9 %
11Alecta pensionsförsäkring, ömsesidigt1,434,0234,733,6006,167,6230.9 %
12Pelham Capital Ltd05,309,8515,309,8510.8 %
13Capital Guardian Trust Company05,141,4965,141,4960.8 %
14Citigroup Global Markets1,802,8063,086,1564,888,9620.7 %
15UBS Securities LLC2,699,7811,457,7164,157,4970.6 %
16Nya Wermlands Tidningen2,874,3001,263,0004,137,3000.6 %
17DNB Asset Management AS449,3643,618,1734,067,5370.6 %
18Alken Asset Management Ltd1,687,9702,160,2523,848,2220.6 %
19FMR Investment Management (U.K.) Limited2,770,1001,052,9053,823,0050.6 %
20KLP Forsikring835,6982,802,6673,638,3650.5 %

The shareholder ID data are provided by Nasdaq OMX. The data are obtained through the analysis of beneficial ownership and fund manager information provided in replies to disclosure of ownership notices issued to all custodians on the Adevinta share register. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to verify all data, neither Nasdaq OMX nor Adevinta can guarantee the accuracy of the analysis.


VPS register

VPS register as of 15 May 2019:

1Schibsted Asa200,102,292203,477,833403,580,12559.3%
2Blommenholm Industrier As28,188,58925,337,54953,526,1387.9%
4Morgan Stanley & Co. Llc*457,16910,305,80710,762,9761.6%
5State Street Bank And Trust Comp*1,089,5819,629,01210,718,5931.6%
6Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft*2,105,9966,573,3378,679,3331.3%
7Goldman Sachs & Co. Llc*1,497,7466,737,5808,235,3261.2%
8Morgan Stanley & Co. Int. Plc.*241,3676,074,3156,315,6820.9%
9Alecta Pensionsforsakring, Omsesid1,434,0234,733,6006,167,6230.9%
10Nwt Media As4,274,3001,263,0005,537,3000.8%
11State Street Bank And Trust Comp*1,618,7863,166,3154,785,1010.7%
12J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A.*1,352,6353,271,8494,624,4840.7%
13Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London*2,674,7001,351,0004,025,7000.6%
14The Bank Of New York Mellon Sa/Nv*1,228,9312,604,7563,833,6870.6%
15Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London*2,215,5001,467,1223,682,6220.5%
16Ubs Securities Llc*2,507,317968,4903,475,8070.5%
17Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.A., London*1,456,8801,968,6493,425,5290.5%
18Bnp Paribas Securities Services*829,3112,349,2793,178,5900.5%
19Fdty Ivt Tr:Fdty Intrl Discvry Fd2,397,500733,4003,130,9000.5%
20The Bank Of New York Mellon Sa/Nv*02,905,7872,905,7870.4%

* Nominee account