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Adevinta was listed at Oslo Stock Exchange on 10 April 2019.


Adevinta has a dual class share structure, following the acquisition of eCG.


As part of the consideration for the acquisition of eCG, the Company has issued to certain of eBay’s subsidiaries (i) 342,474,251 ordinary shares (“Class A Shares”) representing approximately 33.3% of the Class A Shares and associated voting rights in the Company, and (ii) 197,520,228 shares of a new class of non-voting shares (“Class B Shares”), which, together with the Class A Shares issued to eBay, amounts to approximately 44% of the Company’s total outstanding share capital.


All shares in the Company in issue prior to completion of the transaction have been renamed Class A Shares in the Company’s updated Articles of Association effective from completion of the transaction.The Class B Shares are not listed, but will be exchangeable into Class A Shares on a one-for-one basis on the terms and conditions set out in the amended Articles of Association.


Basic Data


Class A sharesClass B shares
Oslo Stock Exchange symbolADE
Nominal valueNOK 0.20NOK 0.20
Number of shares1,027,422,753197,520,228