IR & shareholder policy

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IR policy

A dedicated and active management and investor relations department will work continually in the financial market to ensure that relevant and sufficient information reaches the market at the right time and that correct information on Adevinta’s share prices is provided.

Contact with the Norwegian and international financial markets will have high priority at Adevinta. Our objective is to raise awareness about the company, build confidence in Adevinta in the investment market and increase our share liquidity. Openness, availability and transparency form the basis for ensuring good relations with investors, analysts and other actors in the financial market.

Today, Schibsted receives broad analytic coverage from Norwegian and international brokerage houses and we have every intention to maintain this also for Adevinta. Contact with international investors will be important for Adevinta, and regular meetings with investors will be arranged. These will take the form of road shows, attendance at investor conferences, and meetings at the company’s head office.

Shareholder policy

Adevinta is a listed company that must give competitive returns based on a sound financial situation. Adevinta’s Board of Directors considers it crucial that shares in the company are perceived as an attractive investment option.

One of the objectives of Adevinta’s Board is to promote shareholder returns by means of long-term growth in share prices and dividends. The Board will work to ensure that the company’s shares achieve a price that best reflects the long-term earning capacity of the company.