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Technical Specialists

The Technical Specialist roles are designed for young talent with less than two years experience who are interested in becoming technical experts such as Software Developers, Data Scientists and Security Engineers. 

Meet our Technical Specialists

Find out more about our Technical track and discover how we support and mentor junior specialists in their chosen field.

“There are plenty of opportunities to make an impact in each rotation and the international aspect of this track means you’ll get to work in at least one of our marketplaces.”
Nikki Holloway, Head of Leadership Development

What we can offer you

At Adevinta, we look after our people as we believe that a positive working environment is key in enabling our employees to thrive.

Learning and training

You’ll have access to extra training and learning opportunities, and an option to attend worldwide conferences in your field. Our Adevinta online curriculum, with courses in machine learning, product management and sales is also made available.

Career development

At the start of your professional journey, it can be difficult to envision how you want your career to evolve. That’s why we have coaching resources and opportunities to get involved in side projects and explore fields like communications, project management and event planning.

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are key factors which enable us to stay motivated and do our best at work. At Adevinta, we offer a health insurance plan to all our long-term employees. We also offer gym discounts and lunch options depending on your location.

Tools and resources

We’ll provide you with state-of-the-art machines and services to help you be your best. At the start of your career with us, you will receive a computer, smartphone and access to the accounts and services that your team will use.

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