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Do you aspire to be a technical expert? Are you looking to be mentored by experienced professionals who will work closely with you, whilst you learn and grow? The Entry-Level Specialist track might be for you!

Who is this programme for?

The Entry-Level Specialist roles have been designed for young talent or career changers who are interested in becoming technical experts e.g. Software Developers, Data Scientists, Security Engineers. These roles were created to fill the gap between internships and experienced hires, so they’re meant for candidates with less than two years of experience who want to keep learning about different systems and tools and to try out and implement new ideas.

We’ll offer you a permanent contract and your involvement in the Early Careers programme will last two years.

Who are you?

What is the Early Careers Programme?

The Early Careers Programme brings in highly motivated talent who want to “conquer the world,” learn our ways of working and take on new challenges.

Perks of the programme:

Perks of being an Adevintan:


“Our specialists get involved in many exciting projects that not only develop their technical and behavioral skills but also positively impact our customers. As a Technical Specialist at Adevinta, you can make a difference from the start of your career.”

Nikki Holloway, Senior Manager, Early Careers