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Our Early Careers Programme

Our Early Careers Programme helps junior talent kick-start their careers and develop skills for success. There are three core tracks and all participants have access to tailored training and development, as well as an established Early Careers network.

Make an impact at Adevinta

If you join our Early Careers Programme, you’ll impact the business from day one and make a positive impact on society as you learn. You just need to bring an open mind and a willingness to experience new things.

Discover our three Early Careers tracks

Join one of our Early Careers tracks to get the support, knowledge and expertise you need to develop your career.

Early Careers FAQs

Find out more about the Early Careers Programme and whether Adevinta is the right place for you.

What is the hiring process?

All Early Careers Programme participants go through a robust interview process. This either starts in February or March with onboarding in April, or takes place in June or July with onboarding in October (International Generalists only have onboarding in October, subject to change). 

What is a university agreement and what are the requirements?

Universities and business schools require their students to have a certain amount of practice hours in companies. To do this, an agreement is set between the company and school to certify that the student has done a certain amount of hours in a company to apply what they have learnt.  
The requirements are not all the same. Each university or business school has its own set of rules regarding internships, some limit the length and hours that can be done and others don’t. We work on a case-by-case basis and the general guideline is that you need to be enrolled with a university or business school to be able to sign a university or business school type internship with us.

Locations – where will I be based? Where do the separate tracks take place?

Our Early Careers tracks take place at one of our four Tech Hubs in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. In the future, the programme will be rolled out into other Adevinta locations.

Is there visa sponsorship and/or relocation support available?

We understand that moving to a new place to start a new job can be tough so we can help candidates obtain their VISAs and the NAF (Social Security affiliation number). 

For employees who are members of an EU Country: Employees don’t need a VISA to work in Spain, but we can help the candidate obtain their NAF. This can be processed with a passport, and once the employee moves to Spain, can be used to  get their NIE card. 

Employees with nationality from a country that is NOT a member of the EUInternship contracts: In this case, the candidates need a VISA to access the job. We help obtain an internship residence and work permit, which is valid for two years, yet this process can last between 30/60 days. We also help our employees with the Social Security procedure. 

Agreements with university: The candidate will already have an NIE with a study authorisation assigned to his study centre/university in Spain, so we check that the permit is valid and we help with social security. 

What happens after the Early Careers Programme? Is there an alumni network?

Our Early Careers Programme is designed to help junior talent kick-start their careers and develop skills for success. When they have completed the programme, if there are suitable roles available, we love to keep our people onboard to allow them to flourish and continue their career with Adevinta. All graduates that go on to continue with us form part of our Early Careers Alumni, and take part in projects within the Early Careers Programme and the company.

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More about Early Careers

Explore our different Early Careers tracks and find the perfect route to kick-start your career.