6 months Paid

Are you a self-starter, eager to learn and develop, while being part of a truly multicultural company that is growing fast? Do you have a data driven approach when it comes to solving problems?

Who you are

You may be in the middle of your studies or perhaps you have fallen in love with a certain technology? Whatever your level of interest, we’re looking for people who want to make a genuine impact.

  • Are you a self-starter, eager to learn and develop?
  • Are you able to problem solve individually or as part of a group?
  • Can you work together with others to build user-centric solutions?
  • Do you love using data to understand users?
  • Speak English and/or Spanish and French?

Get involved in projects related to Data, Back-End, Front-End and Devops or join us for a specific project to figure out your interests and see the whole picture.

Beneficial skills

Our focus is to find individuals with the right attitude and drive, it would be beneficial if you have technical competence in the following areas:

  • Java based languages i.e Scala
  • Modern Javascript Framework
  • Front-End experience

The position

Our central international organisation is offering 4 roles in a department called Platform services. We build tools and infrastructure that help ~1500 engineers in some of Europe and South America’s biggest online marketplaces be more efficient developing services on the cloud.

We maintain CI/CD infrastructure at scale, manage Kubernetes clusters, connect all through event buses and develop automation on top of it. We also built the big data infrastructure that supports data scientists around the company, and ensure that all the software we produce follows the highest security standards. We are using cutting edge technology both developed in house, or in the open source community along with big players like Google or Netflix.

The types of projects

At platform services, we have many different teams, projects and challenges. We are sure there is something for you!

Using Data! To make meaningful decisions

Help our business take the right decisions by creating meaningful dashboards, engineering metrics and insights. Join our Engineering Data team and help engineering teams find areas of improvement in their development flow.

Boost our engineer’s productivity!

Get emerged in our Back-End projects. One example is our Engineering Productivity team, whose objective is to boost the engineers productivity. You will be able to automate all the way from code to production.

Connect technology and visualisation!

Would you like to learn more about Front-End and work closely with our User Experience department, contributing the technical part to making our Marketplaces more user friendly? We are currently working to set up a help center for the engineering teams to do so.

Designing solutions to inform us!

Is DevOps your area of interest? Have you been working with Linux in your studies or freetime? Our CRE team is currently designing and implementing an open source status page, which will serve for all departments at Adevinta to find out about the current status of our webpages.

Building for the future!

There are a lot of things that each Adevinta engineer should be aware of. It is challenging to maintain this level of awareness due the high scope of sources we use. Our objective is to create an agile Bot just to care about those things that each engineer should be aware of. Help us help our engineers! Make them aware of pending PRs, be aware of important notifications from Slack, email, or other sources.

Technical skills you will learn:

  • Front-End
  • UX
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • Full-text search engines like Elasticsearch.
  • Automated tooling
  • Latency map

Applications for 2019 are closed. Please keep an eye out for programs starting in 2020.