Culture & career development

A career and a life? Yes!

We don’t want drones who live at the office and don’t have outside interests. We want well-rounded, engaged people who are excited to come to work and talk to each other about their lives. What you do in your spare time recharges you for your workday, so whether you’re into extreme frisbee, binge-watching cat videos, or building your own robot, we want to give you the time and headspace to do it. Adevinta offices offer flexible work days and hours, generous paid vacation and parental leave policies and we support the learning you want to do both in and outside of your chosen field.
At work, we go out of our way to find fun ways to celebrate wins, foster friendships and make your office a place it’s worth spending time in.

Nurturing body, mind and spirit

No matter which of our global locations you’re working in, we’ve got your well-being covered. From flexible, sensible healthcare plans to support for your sport and activity choices, we’re all about a 360 degree approach to making sure our employees feel good.
We understand that there’s more to health than a good score on a physical exam. Support for alternative fitness options, mindfulness practice, workplace happiness and flexibility in how you work– even if that just means standing up at your desk now and then – all helps make your work day something that contributes to your overall life satisfaction. We’re here to make it happen.

Inclusion is a value, not a trend

Everybody’s talking about inclusion right now. But at Adevinta, we’re aiming for inclusion from the start, and we’re building it into our core values.As a truly international company, with a focus on local culture in each location, we know we won’t succeed without a workforce made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. And with our socially conscious mindset, we know we can each learn so much from our colleagues, widening our own experiences and knowledge into the bargain.
We’re also committed to promoting and supporting gender balance at every level. Through a number of planned initiatives to address unconscious bias, adopt gender-balanced hiring practices, and make sure our employees have access to the training and support they need to drive their careers forward regardless of gender, we hope to achieve true gender balance at all levels of the company.

Compensation and benefits

Ask us what the best part about working at Adevinta is, and we’ll always tell you it’s the people! But on a practical level, we think the combined global/local approach to salary and benefits is something that sets us apart. We offer competitive compensation for your local job market and locally relevant benefits, with a wider world approach to stock options, savings plans and our overall investment in your career and well being.

Grow together

There’s no greater investment we can make than in our people. That means creating roles that grow and develop as you learn and broaden your experience, as well as offering pathways to new roles and challenges.
It’s not just about taking formal classes, though of course that’s always an option. We encourage our colleagues to find creative ways to expand their horizons every day – whether that means attending or speaking at conferences, holding hackathons, adopting a management mentor or arranging a monthly Lunch Talk to share successes and learnings.

The earth is depending on us

There was never a greater need for the secondhand marketplace than there is today. Adevinta is on the frontlines of the war against waste, and we want to take our message to the people: reduce, reuse, repair, and recycle!
Studies show us that a large portion of the population expects businesses to make sustainable living a smooth and easy process, and we are answering that need with a focus is on matchmaking: bringing together someone who has an item to sell with the person who needs it.
When summarizing the potential effect from secondhand trade during 2017 at Vibbo in Spain, Leboncoin in France, Subito in Italy, Jófogás in Hungary, Blocket in Sweden, Finn in Norway, Tori in Finland, Avito in Morocco, OLX in Brazil and Segundamano in Mexico it adds up to 21.5 million tons greenhouse gases and 1.2 million tonnes of plastic!
This means our users are potentially saving 21.5 million tons of greenhouse gases and 1.2 million tonnes of plastic in a single year.

This huge amount of greenhouse gas and plastic is equivalent to 25 million passengers flying from Paris to New York and back, or the production of 169 billion plastic bags, or 43 years without traffic in a typical European city.
We call this the Second Hand Effect. But it’s not just about numbers – it’s about changing the way we live, and a lot of people are embracing it with a passion! In a world where people are feeling isolated by lives lived online, being part of a face-to-face community that thrives on real-life trade of things you can hold, things that have been loved and that have histories of their own, is refreshing. It feels honest, and real, and good. And the fact that living this way will help us stay longer on this planet just adds to that feeling.
Whether motivated by saving money, or a love of things that have a history and remind us of days gone by, the impact of embracing secondhand shopping is the same: it reduces our environmental footprint. Read more.