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Be the Change

Work somewhere you can make a lasting impact.

We’re all about matchmaking, and we take the same approach to hiring. But it’s not just about finding the right skills for the job. It’s also about making sure the role and the culture are the right match too. If you’re curious about people, cultures and new ways of doing things, Adevinta could be the right fit for you.

Our culture at Adevinta

Meet our people

"What I love most about technology is how it can improve people’s lives and advance society. That’s why I’m inspired by the role we can play in slowing down climate change."

Raquel Sainz, Head of Trust & Transactions, Adevinta Central Teams

Raquel is motivated by Adevinta's purpose, her incredible team and all the women in tech who've come before her. “I’m constantly blown away by the people at Adevinta, the close collaboration and the way we help each other to be successful. I learn so much from everyone around me and feel privileged that I get to work with a team who are bringing tech changes to life for our users.”

"We have an incredible team. Our superpower is the company culture we’re creating together."

Tímea Draskovits, Director of Classified Revenues, Adevinta Hungary

Since joining Jófogás in 2015, Tímea has grown the department of pro classified revenues into a team of 21 people who are responsible for more than 70% of Adevinta Hungary’s total revenue. She credits their success to the fact they work together to create a better environment and push themselves beyond their comfort zone - in Eleanor Roosevelt’s words, “You must do things you think you cannot do.”

"My favorite part of the job is collaborating with my team to solve problems and maximise the impact of every decision."

Emma Sesmero, Product Lead, Adevinta Central Teams

Emma started her career in Adevinta as a Backend Developer in Willhaben, our marketplace in Austria. She says that the support of her managers helped make her move to Barcelona and the Central Teams easy.
“They gave me what I needed to grow and continually pushed me forward. I felt heard and supported, and they gave me the tools, training and experience I needed to change direction.”

"The management culture is one of the key success factors here; letting people shine and grow, as well as supporting a self sufficient team culture."

Kent-Remi Gabrielsen, Engineering Manager of Serenity, Adevinta Central Teams

Being able to grow and work closely with international teams is what keeps Kent-Remi passionate about his role. After joining as a Frontend Engineer in 2017, he relocated to Paris to manage the Serenity team. His mission is to understand the common needs and differences between our marketplaces, which “enable us to build global products at scale.”

"Adevinta has allowed me to learn continuously, take on new challenges and improve myself everyday."

Georgina Juan, Marketing Manager at, Adevinta Spain

Over her eight years at Adevinta, Georgina has steadily taken on more responsibilities and new positions. She thinks it’s a great place to work because you are given the freedom to try new things and to grow your career. “Adevinta is a leader in its sector and is committed to innovation. If you want to challenge yourself, this is the place to be.”

"The best part of my job is that I’m surrounded by diversity in terms of culture and skills - and that helps me to learn a lot every day. "

Roberto Manca, Team Lead, Marketplaces Ads

Roberto credits his success at Adevinta to coaching from his manager and the opportunity to take part in internal workshops. “I’ve had the chance not only to develop my hard skills, but also to shape my soft skills. And as a result I’ve improved myself and the company.” His commitment to the company culture, especially our key behaviour Treat feedback as a gift, makes him an excellent Adevintan.

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