Our commitment to Privacy

Person working with a tablet

We have a strong focus on users’ privacy and data protection across our business. The right to privacy and integrity, for both our users and employees, is stipulated in our Code of Conduct while privacy policies and guidelines are designed and implemented at the local marketplaces level.

Our work on privacy and integrity is led by our Group General Counsel, and we have data protection officers as well as product, UX and tech developers dedicated to protecting our user’s privacy. Our privacy community meets every month to exchange best practices and to share news, and regulatory developments.

Our privacy programme has the following key objectives:

  • Guide Adevinta’s data-driven innovations by executing on privacy by design across our product and tech organisation, embedding privacy into our coporate culture, technology stack and products.
  • Provide efficient, bespoke and patented privacy service to give users’ control over their personal data through an automated process. This gives the users control over their personal data, for example by allowing them to access or delete personal data.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with our legal obligations.
  • Maintain and increase end-users and public competence, knowledge and trust regarding our use of data.

Adevinta has initiated reporting routines for complaints and data breaches. We also have extensive measures in place for detecting vulnerabilities as a means of preventing breaches.