Adevinta is a marketplace specialist.
We are an international family of local digital brands.

We help local marketplaces thrive in 16 countries around the world, through our global connections and networks of knowledge.

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Adevinta operates digital marketplaces in 16 countries in Europe, Latin America and North Africa.

Our leading local brands include Leboncoin in France, Infojobs in Spain, Subito in Italy, Jofogás in Hungary, and Segundamano in Mexico, among many others.

What we stand for

Adevinta is a marketplace specialist. We help our local marketplaces thrive through global connections and networks of knowledge.

Our marketplaces help everyone and everything find new purpose — supporting local communities and building a sustainable future.

We believe every house can be a home, every person has a role to play, and every object can live a second (or third, or fourth!) life – they only have to find their matching need.

Our marketplaces create these matches, building a sustainable future where everything can find a new purpose.

Just as our brands are founded on connections between people, we are a people-first organization. We create networks of talent who have matching needs across geographies and disciplines, working together toward our common purpose.

We serve people where they live, acknowledging what’s special about every culture and every place. That’s why we develop leading local brands which form an integral part of daily life for more than 100 million users. Our services help local economies to grow sustainably.

We want to have a positive impact on people’s lives. We care about gaining and keeping the trust of our users and customers by acting responsibly. And thanks to the  “second hand effect” of buying and selling used goods, Adevinta’s marketplaces promote sustainability and protect the environment. In 2017, users from seven of our marketplaces potentially saved more than 20 tons of greenhouse gas emissions by buying secondhand.

Our origins

Adevinta’s story starts in 1839, when Christian Michael Schibsted founded the Schibsted Publishing House, which went on to become the largest media group in Scandinavia.

The group ventured into online classifieds in 2000 and expanded its portfolio of leading marketplaces across the globe.

In September 2018, Schibsted Media Group announced that it would reorganize into two growth companies: Schibsted and what is now called Adevinta – our group of marketplace operations outside the Nordics.


Our name

Advancing into the future.

We are Adevinta.

Our name reflects who we are and where we are heading. Inspired by our purpose, it evokes the idea of new beginnings and advancement. We are always looking into the future.

It’s a name for everybody, simple and easy to pronounce in many languages, distinctive and attractive.
A name to remember and be part of.

Our new look

Pushing the boundaries
of matchmaking.

Change is part of who we are. Inspired by the Greek letter delta (Δ), the symbol of constant change, the symbol of continuous change, our logotype combines the ideas of progress and evolution.

To express progress and adaptation in to our business, our visual identity plays with matchmaking as an exciting contact between two elements, showing the magic, fun and excitement of new or unexpected connections.

Our local brands

Serving people where they live, the way they live.

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